The Welcome Table: An Era of Dialogue on Race

The Welcome Table Kickoff at the Mississippi State Capitol

The Welcome Table: An Era of Dialogue on Race is a series of retreats offered to small groups of Mississippians who are dedicated to fostering positive change in their communities.

Using the Spirit of Generosity curriculum, a system using stories to convey and exemplify universal truths, these training sessions provide a safe space in which members of divided communities can learn to listen to and trust each other. WT facilitation teams teach the participants to create safe spaces in which sensitive issues can be discussed and explored without fear of personal attack. Over time, the participants learn to create such environments on their own and to teach that practice to others.

By teaching community members how to effectively to listen to each other and to build trust, the Welcome Table helps citizens engage in inclusive and meaningful conversations about the place they call home. Further, these people will also comprise a cadre of citizens who will help implement the recommendations of a Mississippi TRC.


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