What is the Mississippi Truth Project?

The Mississippi Truth Project is a statewide effort to create a culture of truth telling that will bring to light racially motivated crimes and injustices committed in Mississippi between 1945 and 1975.

Begun as a grassroots effort in the spring of 2008, the Mississippi Truth Project has brought together individuals and organizations from across the state to tell the truth about the past in order to shape an inclusive and equitable future.

Five regional groups are engaged in local efforts to collect oral histories. It is hoped that such local engagement will lead to the creation of a truth and reconciliation commission. If established, the commission will explore the institutional structures of racism as well as examine crimes against the body, crimes against property, the collusion of public officials and conspiracies of silence that for the past 60 years have divided Mississippians. The commission is expected to work from six months to two years and will issue a final report of findings and recommendations.